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This page is used to keep track of the state of emulation for GB/GBC.
  • APU:
    • Internal sound channels
    • External sound channels unsupported (No games use it anyways)
    • Cycle accurate operation for the most part:
      • SQ1 sweep behavior isn't emulated perfectly
      • WAV channel read behavior isn't emulated perfectly
  • CPU:
    • All official instructions
    • All unofficial instructions (All of which jam the CPU)
    • All instructions have perfect timing
    • Interrupts should have perfect timing, the datasheet is fairly ambiguous
  • PPU:
    • Scanline based renderer (No cycle accurate information is well-known for this component)
    • GBC PPU has some known bugs:
      • Sprites in Legend of Zelda - Oracle of Ages/Seasons are very buggy and don't draw properly
      • BG priority override isn't supported at all
  • H/DMA:
    • Should be near perfect cycle accuracy
  • TMA:
    • Cycle accurate operation
  • SIO:
    • Unsupported
  • Fully supported mappers:
  • Unsupported mappers:
    • NINTENDO-MBC-4? Whichever board is used on Kirby Tilt 'n' Tumble

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