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Nintemulator comes preconfigured for the most part (Controllers, video, audio), but there are a few things that we are legally not allowed to provide for you. These are: BIOS files, boot roms, and commercial game roms. We do not condone using this software for illegal purposes, debuggers are included (Where they are developed) to allow the homebrew and various dev communities to debug their code. This emulator is also for use with commercial backups obtained legally, by people who own a hard copy of the software.


I have the BIOS files, what do I do with them?

The bios files must follow the standard naming convention of "boot.rom", and placed into the respective directory. For example the Game Boy Advance BIOS ROM would be placed in {NintemulatorDirectory}\GBA\boot.rom

Why can't I use a keyboard or remap the buttons?

This will be added later. Keep in mind that we are (basically) one person working on this project, and that one person mostly focuses on writing the emulator core code. If someone joins the project that cares to work on GUI code and user experience, it is certainly welcomed. Until then, it'll have to wait. XBOX360 controllers are fully supported, and mapped using the best default mappings we can give to them.

Why doesn't (insert console here) have a debugger?

Every debugger is written from scratch, to provide the best usability. And they are very time consuming to make. Unfortunately, this is one of those things that will get done when it gets done, and not a second sooner.

Why doesn't (insert game here) play or boot at all?

The emulator cores certainly aren't error free, if you find a game that doesn't work, we would love to know which ones, and the steps required (if any) to reproduce the crash! This information is vital to make the cores better. It would even be better if you knew the source of the problem, but this is certainly not required. :-)

I want to see (insert feature name here), how can I make suggestions?

Either shoot one of the developers an e-mail, or post on the discussions board of this project. Features will be implemented if/when we decide they are necessary and have time to implement them, or if someone adds it to the code and we have a chance to approve it.

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